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Yellowstone Wolves Heading for Rocky Mountain NP?


    The problem Rocky Mountain National Park has with too many elk could be just the thing for Yellowstone National Park's expanding wolf population to deal with.
Colowolf_copy    It seems that the other day a Colorado Division of Wildlife officer managed to videotape near the Wyoming-Colorado border, and just to the northwest of Rocky Mountain NP, a canid that he thought looked awfully darn wolf-like. And, according to the folks at Sinapu, a wildlife advocacy group based in Colorado, the animal was indeed a wolf.
    "It's a wolf, not a dog, and not a wolf-dog hybrid," the group's Rob Edward told the Rocky Mountain News.
    Of course, whether the wolf makes it all the way to Rocky Mountain to find that on-the-hoof-buffet is one thing. Finding a mate so they can start a pack is something else.

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