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Former NPS Executive-Level Managers Ask for Management Policies Revisions To Be Halted


    Talk about putting the pressure on Fran Mainella. Twenty-five former executive-level National Park Service managers, a group with vast and lengthy experience with the agency, is asking Director Mainella to put a halt to efforts to revise the Park Service's Management Policies.
    I can't wait to hear her response. If she responds.

    The lengthy letter, which was both faxed and emailed to Director Mainella, argues that "the proposed changes are not driven by law, by any conservation need, or by any failure of practical application." Furthermore, the 25 who signed the letter ask that the Park Service "set in motion a  deliberate process that begins with public scoping that explains why sections of the 2001 version should be changed."
    While Mainella and her staff have maintained that the proposed revisions were necessary to clarify confusing sections of the Management Policies, this letter points out clarity is not always part of the revisions. For instance, while Mainella and her staff have said there's a need for a sound policy on cell phone towers, no change has been made in that section of the 2001 policies.
    If you haven't commented on the proposed revisions yet, this letter is a great resource for pointing out flaws with the revisions.

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