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Canyon De Chelly Lodging Deal


    If you're looking for a great bargain in a beautifully remote and incredibly fascinating location, consider a winter trip to Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Tucked away in northeastern Arizona, this 83,840-acre national monument preserves artifacts from one of the longest continuously occupied landscapes in North America.Anthro1

    The Thunderbird Lodge is offering lodging bargains through the end of March, with rooms going for as little as $58.50 per night for a single. A couple can find a room at the lodge for $61 per night.
    The lodge, the only accommodation within the national monument's borders, can also arrange for a guided tour of the canyon. The three-and-a-half-hour-long tours are led by Navajo guides, who provide a running discussion of the canyon, which is one of the Navajo Nation's most sacred sites. On the tours you see Anasazi ruins, pictographs and petroglyphs and sites of skirmishes between the Navajo nation and the Spanish, Mexican and American governments.
    For reservations or more information, contact the lodge at 800-679-2473.

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