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Help Clean Up Glen Canyon NRA


    If you have nothing planned for September 30, and either live in one of the Four Corners states or plan to travel there during the end of the month, plan to stop by Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to help clean up the Colorado River corridor.
    The cleanup is being sponsored by Wilderness River Adventures, which runs raft trips down the Colorado, and its parent company, ARAMARK Parks & Resorts. The work begins at 8 a.m. on the 30th at the WRA store in Paige, Arizona. From there volunteers will be taken to the base of the Glen Canyon Dam. Once on the river, the volunteers will make stops to collect trash and recyclables.
    There's room for just 24 volunteers, who will be provided with a box lunch, water and soda at no charge. To register, call WRA at 928-645-6057.

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