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"Death by 1,000 Cuts"


    In advance of a congressional hearing on national parks funding, the National Parks Conservation Association is doing a little drum beating in Massachusetts. This Wednesday's hearing, as I noted earlier, is being chaired by U.S. Representative Mark Souder, an Indiana Republican who co-authored the National Park Centennial Act. That proposed legislation is designed to wipe out the park service's existing maintenance backlog by 2016, the year the agency marks its centennial.
On Saturday in Boston, Craig Obey of NPCA said the entire national park system is dying a "death of 1,000 cuts."
Hyperbole from the association's vice president of external affairs?  Perhaps a bit.  But there's no doubt that many parks have roads that need repairs, buildings that have leaky roofs and could use paint, and public facilities such as restrooms and visitor centers that have been neglected. And beyond that, there's the chronic shortage of rangers and the crimes being committed in our parks.
You can read what else Obey had to say at the Boston Herald.  And, if you're in Boston this week, stop by the hearing at Faneuil Hall at 10 a.m. and speak out in support of the parks.

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