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Are Car Campers An Endangered Species in National Parks?

Generations of Americans got their first taste of national parks via car camping, that venerable tradition of driving to a park and setting up a tent or two in a roadside campground. That genre of park visitation seems to be slipping these days, though, and at least one car camping veteran blames it on economics -- there's more money to be made in lodgings than campgrounds.

Yosemite Falls from the Air

Yosemite Falls, taken from a hang glider. David Photographer.

You've probably seen one or two photos of Yosemite Falls before, but take a closer look at this shot, and you'll notice something a little different. Ask yourself, where was this shot taken? Not from the valley floor, not from Glacier Point, ... it was shot from a hang glider! The photographer provided me with this photo, and a brief explanation of how it was captured.

David D.

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