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Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Interior Department Orders National Park Service To Reconsider Hunting Regs In National Preserves In Alaska

In a move that could have dire effects on wildlife in national park lands in Alaska, the Interior Department has ordered the National Park Service to reconsider wildlife regulations that are at odds with hunting and trapping regulations enforced by the state of Alaska. The directive, while legally questionable, could greatly impact bear populations on National Park System lands, such as national preserves, if the Park Service reversed rules designed to protect predators.

Omnibus Budget Bill Poised To Bring Early Holiday Cheer To National Park Service

A massive omnibus budget bill, if passed by Congress, promises to deliver some early holiday cheer to the National Park Service with a nearly 10 percent increase in discretionary funding, according to an analysis by the National Parks Conservation Association.

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