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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Permit Issued To Kill Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Mountain Lion

In the quilt of public and private lands that fall within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, wild and domestic animals live relatively side-by-side. But when animals such as mountain lions view alpacas and goats as meals, then California officials can essentially sign death warrants for the cats. That's been done in the case of P-45, a mountain lion thought to be responsible for the recent predation of 11 alpacas and a goat.

National Park Service Proposing 170,000-Acre Expansion Of Santa Monica Mountains NRA

A long-term study into how best to manage the mix of private and public lands surrounding and within Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California has led the National Park Service to recommend a 170,000-acre addition to the NRA, though it would not entail actually purchasing all those additional acres.

Collared Coyote Tracked By National Park Service Found Dead Of Apparent Drowning

Radio collars on wildlife can provide invaluable data to researchers pertaining to the animal's movements and, in some cases, response to climate change. So when a collar falls off, goes silent, or the animal dies, a lot of potential research is scuttled. That's the case in Los Angeles, where a female coyote that was being tracked by National Park Service researchers appears to have drowned.

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