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Dinosaur National Monument

Flying Home: The Colorado Plateau From Above And Below

No one writes today about the Colorado Plateau and the American Southwest with the eloquence and insight of Craig Childs. With his five books about this region he joins Mary Austin, Joseph Wood Krutch, Ann Zwinger, Ed Abbey, and Terry Tempest Williams in describing and celebrating the natural and cultural heritages of this region.

Traveler's View: How Much Of Secretary Zinke's Approach To Conservation Can Public Lands Tolerate?

Trying to understand how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke views himself as a conservationist cut from the mold of Theodore Roosevelt is an ongoing challenge. While he wants to bolster the ranks of hunters and anglers, the secretary also wants to shrink some national monuments, allow target shooting on as many public lands as possible, and allow hunters to chum for bears with donuts and greasy loaves of bread.

BLM Thinking Of Leasing Oil And Gas Parcels Near Dinosaur National Monument

Not long after the U.S. Bureau of Land Management decided against offering for oil and gas leasing three parcels near Zion National Park in southwestern Utah, the agency now is thinking of offering two parcels near Dinosaur National Monument in the state's northeastern corner.

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