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Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Around The Parks: Savoring Winter In Comfort

If you find yourself homebound for one reason or other this winter, there are two websites worth exploring for a quick national park fix: the National Park Service’s Treasured Landscapes site (which showcases art collections telling America’s stories) and the Open Parks Network (“350,000 cultural heritage objects and 1.5 million pages of gray literature...”). That’s a lot of information.

Easy Park Hikes - Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Small historical parks are often overlooked as possible locations for easy park hikes, and that's a shame, because many of them offer some fine opportunities. That's definitely the case at Carl Sandburg Home National Historical Site in North Carolina, which includes both an easy hike or two plus just a little exercise on a nice network of trails.

First Lady Visits Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

During her recent visit to Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, First Lady Laura Bush toured Sandburg’s Connemara residence, petted dairy goats, talked with children in the Junior Ranger program, and announced a $50,000 National Park Foundation grant to expand the park’s Junior Ranger and youth education programs.

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