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New Online Venue For Purchase Of Senior Pass To National Parks


New online option for purchasing Senior Pass to national parks/NPS

The National Park Service has partnered with digital government services provider NIC Inc. to offer an alternative online option for seniors to purchase their America the Beautiful – Senior Pass. The pass provides lifetime admission for U.S. citizens or permanent residents 62 years of age and older to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by six federal agencies.

Developed in conjunction with the National Park Service, YourPassNow provides a digital solution that allows visitors to purchase their park entrance passes online. YourPassNow will temporarily extend the same convenience of online purchasing to seniors when purchasing the Senior Pass.

Senior Passes may be purchased through YourPassNow. Each Senior Pass is priced at $10 through August 27. The cost increases to $80 on August  28.

Those who order a Senior Pass through YourPassNow will receive their passes by mail. Due to the high demand for the Senior Pass, passes will be received approximately 12 weeks after they are purchased. While recipients wait for the pass to arrive in the mail, they may use the emailed order confirmation as proof of pass purchase. At staffed park locations, individuals will also be required to present a government-issued photo ID.


Would love to go to Yosemite!

Is Mount Rushmore a National Park?

Yes, entry is free, but everyone has to pay to park.

Check here:



Yes Mount Rushmore is a National Park but you must pay to park even if you have a senior pass.  The parking fee used to be $20 and was good for the calendar year (January - December) once perchased.  I have not been to Mount Rushmore since 2014 so the parking fee may not be the same now.

If you go, make sure you go to Crazy Horse.  Not a NP but a much more interesting visit.  


People are coming to the park and buying two to three per car. You tell them that it only takes one pass to cover everyone in the vehicle but they don't care because they arn't even there to visit the park they do U -turns after they buy it. You want to tell them hey when you do go to some park that charges a fee without your spouce you could just buy a senior pass for yourself then. Oh but that wouldn't do because they might have to pay a bit more money --how sad.  So lets go ahead and  issue one to each individual in this car while young families trying to enjoy this place during their limited free time are sitting in a mile long line behind you. Many of them probably  never knew the pass existed before baby boomers started shareing it on Facebook. Meanwhile and over worked and stressed out staff has to deal with this ten fold increase in Senior Pass sales. If you are going to take part in this AARP generated stampeed at least please do it at a low visitation time or better yet order it online so what if that is an extra $10 on line isn't that worth it for the hassle of doing in person at a park you don't even want to visit?

No it is a National Monument not a National Park.

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