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Familiar Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo Falls From Grace


"Frost wedging" toppled the Sentinel, one of Bryce Canyon National Park's iconic hoodoos, sometime late Monday or early Tuesday/NPS

One of Bryce Canyon National Park's iconic hoodoos is no more, having fallen victim to time and frost wedging.

Park officials in Utah reported Tuesday morning that "The Sentinel," a slender hoodoo long visible in the Navajo Loop not far from Thor's Hammer, toppled overnight.

"The Sentinel was one of those hoodoos many stopped to watch with suspense, wondering when it was going to fall," read a report on the park's Facebook page. "Frost-wedging finally took its toll last night, chiseling away the last of its base. We notice hoodoo destruction more than hoodoo formation because one is swift and big, and the other quietly shattering the rock faces and covering the ground in angular gravels."


This makes me sad.  Just hope is was from natural causes.

Why don't they glue it back together?

"Don't mess with Mother Nature!" ;)

Duct tape works better.

A few drops of super glue can fix anything.  (I read it on the Internet)

Hi! My family and I traveled to Bryce Canyon for Thanksgiving weekend, I have a picture of the Sentinel that was taken on Saturday November 26th at 2:11pm (time stamp from my camera) and the Sentinel had already fallen down, I think the dates are inaccurate.          I will give the park a call tomorrow and send them my picture with evidence of the time stamp. Thanks for reporting the article! 

Personally, I would love to see a few more of these fall down. . .

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