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Bring us your knowledge of the National Park System!

National Parks Traveler's Parkipedia, the first-ever crowd-sourced approach to create the ultimate national park guides, is now open to all account holders. To dive into it, click the "Parkipedia" button on the menu bar. 

At first attempt, constructing these guides can seem intimidating. But once you get used to the various coding (which is explained on the main page), it really is easy. And with a little practice, you'll be able to upload photos to accompany particular sections of a park guide.

Templates for the 59 "national parks," and a few other units of the National Park System already have been created. However, many of the sub-categories under each park listing are empty. One key if you start filling in these empty boxes: at the bottom of your entry, be sure to add [[category: name of park]].

Once all these category codes have been added to the boxes, all you need do to go back to the main page for that particular park is click on the "category" at the bottom of the page. That will take you to an index for that park.

There are a few simple guidelines: Don't intentionally contribute misleading or erroneous information. In discussing lodging, come at it with a constructive point of view. Don't, of course, plagiarize or violate anyone's copyright. Those who breach these simple rules will lose their access to these pages.

While we have started compiling information for some of the parks on the list, (and need to add many more units of the National Park System) there remain many gaps that we hope you'll help us overcome.

Along the way, we will be looking for particularly dedicated park travelers to serve as content moderators for specific parks. If you want to take on the mantle for a favorite park, please contact [email protected]

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