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Thank You For A Great Year In The National Parks

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The sun is setting on another year in the parks. Sunset from Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park, by Pete Berquist, NPS.

Eight days remain to 2012, and then we'll be off to a brand new year in the National Park System. To all our readers, more than 1 million strong, we thank you for visiting the Traveler and, when the urge moved you, for leaving your thoughts.

The past 12 months have at times been bittersweet in the parks, what with tragic deaths and more than a few controversies over how best to manage these preserves that capture and protect natural and cultural resources, and more than a little American history, good and bad.

But the parks have also spawned countless fond and treasured memories, from family reunions to weddings, to new adventures and simple moments of reflection. They've nurtured us, provided solace, and even sanctuary from the 21st century world.

During the coming week we'll be rolling out stories that look back on the past year in the parks, stories that recount ups and downs in the parks, the parks we've visited, trails we've hiked, books we've read, and birds that we've looked for.

It's hard to say what 2013 will bring, what parks we'll find ourselves in, what news will be made. But we hope you come along with us, and bring your family and friends, too. Until then, may you enjoy the year-end holidays and begin planning some travels in the parks in the coming 12 months.


Thanks for another great year of the Traveler. Happy to have found it 2 years and 41 weeks ago.

You're one of the stalwarts, Justin, and we appreciate it!


All the readers of NPT will never agree on what is best for our National Park System areas, nor will they all be satisfied with the way NPS managers are administering them. But, NPT gives us a chance to explore our differences and listen to the points of view of others. You are providing an invaluable service and enhancing the national dialog about the parks and programs of the NPS. As others have indicated above and in countless other posts, I appreciate the opportunity you provide us to voice our opinions on significant conservation and preservation issues.

Happy holidays,


Rick - another point on which we agree.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may everyone have a successful and prosperous new year.

Yes, Kurt. Many thanks to you and all the others who work so hard to bring Traveler to us. For whatever my humble opinion might be worth, I'll nominate Traveler as the #1 website anywhere.

Maybe we might cross paths at GOSP during the Steam Days.

Whatever -- Keep Smiling!

Yep, dittos on the other comments. A consensus, woopy:)!

It can't be easy to stay this good this long, and with such an even hand on the controls. Good on ya, Kurt.


Welcome to the Winner's Circle! You can use the front door, prop your feet up, light a big cigar and have a sip. You've hit the nail on the head with NPT and you deserve the kudos. Keep it up!


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