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Cedar Breaks National Monument In Utah Getting Ready For Winter


Winter soon will be arriving at Cedar Breaks National Monument, and when it does a yurt will serve as the visitor center. NPS photo.

Snowfall already has been recorded in Utah's high country, and for Cedar Breaks National Monument that means the end of the busy travel season and time to prepare for the quieter winter season.

"We are winterizing the park's utility systems and buildings, which will be closed for visitor use until next spring," said Superintendent Paul Roelandt. "The visitor center and book store have closed, and interpretive programs have ended for the season."

You still can drive to the monument, located in south-central Utah to the north of Zion National Park. At least until winter's first substantial snow storm arrives. Once that road -- Utah 148 -- closes, you'll still be able to enjoy Cedar Breaks...but you'll have to get there on cross-country skis, snowshoes, or via snowmobile.

Once the winter season sets in in earnest you can get information by calling the park at 435-586-9451.

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