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New Camping Option At Apostle Islands National Lakeshore


The new campsite offers great views of Lake Superior. NPS photo.

There's a new campsite for you to choose from when you make plans to visit Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Park crews have created a new site on Long Island approximately one-half mile southeast of the light station on the northeast, or Lake Superior side, of Long Island. The campsite has separate cooking and tenting areas to minimize problems with bears and to make it a nicer place to camp. The eating area is close to the lake where campers can have a nice breeze and the tenting area is tucked in so that campers are protected from strong winds.

There is a short trail that leads from the cooking area to the tenting area. The area for pitching tents is indicated by a post in the center of the tenting area. There is also a stump privy that is off of the trail to the tenting area.

Long Island is a special place. It is a barrier spit that has oak and pine forest, wetlands, abundant dunes, and miles of beach. It is also critical habitat for the endangered piping plover. Help us protect Long Island’s plants and wildlife by avoiding walking on fragile dune plants and keeping your dog on a leash.

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