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Native American Artworks Featured At Early Winter Solstice Celebration At Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area


Traditional Native American shelters are just one of the things you'll be able to see by attending the Satwiwa Art Show and Sale Sunday at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. NPS photo.

The winter solstice is still some weeks off, but an early celebration is scheduled for Sunday at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, where a diverse collection of Native American artists will be displaying pottery, paintings, stone carvings, and other artworks.

Along with offering their works for sale, the artists will be available to tell stories and perhaps offer some traditional performances that can be traced back to their ancestors.

On Sunday, from 10 a.m – 3 p.m., more than a dozen Indian artists will show and sell artwork reflecting Chumash, Tongva, Wichita, Hupa, Cahuilla/Apache, Kumeyaay, and other Native cultures. Artists will share coiling pottery, painting, ceramics, stone carving, pastel, dreamcatchers, gourds, flutes, drums, and other artwork.

The National Park Service will be hosting the Art Show and Sale at Satwiwa as an early celebration of the 2011 Winter Solstice. Artists travel from as far away as San Diego to share their heritage and talent with the public.

Among those expected to attend:

* Potawatami artist Nadiya Littlewarrior is renowned for her gourd work. She presents gourd
workshops throughout the American Southwest, and she will be showing some of her most
celebrated work.

* Painter and architect Michael Williams, award-winning author of Red Black Connection.

* Photographer Valena Dismukes.

* Chumash stone carver Ted Garcia.

The Satwiwa Art Show and Sale is not only a wonderful way to learn about American Indians, it is also an excellent opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for friends and family All works of art are original and not available to purchase on-line artists or in any stores. The artists will share the techniques and traditions behind the items you purchase so that you can appreciate the true meaning of your gift.

All ages are welcome, and the program and parking are free. For more information, call the National Park Service  Visitor Center for information: 805-370-2301.

Directions to Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center: From the Ventura Freeway (101), exit at Wendy Drive and head south. Turn right on Lynn Road. Turn left on Via Goleta. Continue all the way to a parking lot where the road ends. Walk 0.3 miles to the Culture Center.

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