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How Did Civil War Political Cartoonists Cast President Lincoln? Find Out At James A. Garfield National Historic Site


Anyone who has picked up a newspaper or magazine these days knows how scathing cartoonists can be to political figures. But how did political cartoonists portray President Lincoln during the Civil War? You can find out at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site next month.

Beginning June 1 and running through the end of the month the historic site will have on display an exhibit called Looking at Lincoln: Political Cartoons from the Civil War Era. The display, which is being presented by the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History in New York, will feature several panels of Northern and Southern political cartoons from the Civil War years that explore how citizens and journalists of both regions viewed President Abraham Lincoln.

This exhibit is available to view in the site’s visitor center from June 1 through the end of the month.

Another exhibit at the historic site with Civil War overtones is a diorama of the battle of Chickamauga by local artist Bert Floyd. The battle took place in northwest Georgia on September 19 and 20, 1863, and is the most famous battle in which General (and future President) James A. Garfield participated during his Civil War service to the Union. Most historians agree that General Garfield performed admirably during the fight, which eventually resulted in a Confederate victory.

Mr. Floyd studied troop movements and natural terrain to prepare his detailed diorama, which will be on display at the site’s visitor center from June 1 through the end of September.

“The Civil War 150th commemoration begins in 2011,” said Sherda Williams, site manager of James A. Garfield National Historic Site. “These exhibits provide excellent perspective on the political background of the war and James A. Garfield’s participation in it. Anyone interested in any aspect of Civil War history will find these exhibits educational and informative.”

The James A. Garfield National Historic Site is located at 8095 Mentor Avenue (U.S. 20) in Mentor, Ohio, approximately 25 miles east of Cleveland.

For information call 440-255-8722.

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