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November Lodging Deals To Be Found in Shenandoah National Park


Skyline Drive runs along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains through the heart of Shenandoah National Park.

Even though parts of the country are unseasonably warm this Fall, the end of the season for many lodges across the national park system isn't too far off. With that in mind, the folks who run the lodges in Shenandoah National Park are offering a deal for much of the month of November.

While the park, of course, is open year-round, the lodges have little more than a month left before shuttering for the winter. With hopes of luring a few more visitors from the greater Washington, D.C., area, the managers of Skyland Resort in Shenandoah are offering a $99 per night special with breakfast for two tossed in.

The deal is available Sunday through Thursday nights November 4-20, with the exception of Sunday, November 11.

While the Fall color season will be history by the time this deal is available, the shedding of leaves by the trees could make it easier to spot wildlife in the park, as well as to take in the views from Skyline Drive.

To book, visit this site, or call 1-800-778-2872.

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