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Yosemite Fee Hike Spiked

A Twenty Dolar Bill
For at least one more year, this Twenty will get you and your car into Yosemite National Park for a week.

    National Park Service Director Mary Bomar blinked. But will she do it again?
    Under pressure from the gateway towns surrounding Yosemite, Director Bomar agreed to spike the proposed increase in the park's entrance fee, from $20 to $25.
    Yosemite officials say the letter-writing campaign from businesses in gateway communities, the high price of gas, and declining visitation in recent years all played a role in the decision not to boost the fee on January 1 as initially proposed.
    "We heard loud and clear that these groups were against it," park spokesman Scott Gediman told the Modesto Bee. "It's been a rough few years. Visitation is down, gas prices are going up, things are getting more expensive. This would be just one more reason for people not to come."


It's amazing what can happen when people become engaged in the process.

Well played, folks, well played.

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