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Glacier Bay Lodging Packages


    One-stop shopping is now available for your trip to Glacier Bay National Park. While the price might seem a bit steep at first glance, remember that it covers three meals a day, lodging at Glacier Bay Lodge, transportation from the Gustavus Airport or dock and a host of activities ranging from an eight-hour-long tour of the park's glaciers or a flight-seeing trip of the park to guided sea kayaking.Glacier_bay
    The rates, offered through ARAMARK/Huna Totem Joint Venture, which run the park's concessions, are $394.50 per day for those over 13 years old, and $199 per day for those 12 and under.
    For more details or reservations, call 1-888-BAY-TOUR or visit the lodge's website.

    (NPS Photo)


Whow you are right the Lodging is expensive in Glaicer bay. If the meals cost $30.00 per plate for food that will still leave $300.00 per person for a room x 2 that gives them $600.00 per night for a room. That should keep out the riff-raff.hope it doesn't rain or is foggy or you will miss it. I would suggest staying atleast a week to give the weather a chance to break it is beautiful Other parks will soon follow with those kind of high prices. Make your reservations soon. I have had one great trip to Glaicer Bay. Years ago a friend and I spent six week paddleing a folboat kayak up almost every fjord and climbed to about the 6000' elevation. We went up the Brady ice feild just below Mt.Fairweather using our cross country skis to clear some of the bottomless crevasses. We started our paddle from Juneau. It may be cheeper to go on a cruse ship if you can't make the paddle from Juneau.

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