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Valley Forge National Historical Park

"March In Of The Continental Army" At Valley Forge On December 19

Valley Forge National Historical Park will be hosting the March in of the Continental Army annual event on Monday, December 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Visitor Center complex area. This event commemorates the 239th anniversary of the December 19, 1777, “march in” of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army to Valley Forge and features the first opportunity to see the newly rehabilitated Fort John Moore/Redoubt. Candlelit ranger tours, fife and drum performances, and interpreters will share stories of the encampment. This is a special opportunity to experience Valley Forge at night.

Maintenance Backlog Reaches $11.9 Billion, National Park Service Says

Although increased congressional funding has been committed ahead of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary celebration, “the annual bill for maintenance in America’s national parks is still almost twice as much as is appropriated,” Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said.

Big Plans On Tap At Valley Forge For George Washington's 283rd Birthday

For George Washington's 46th birthday, Martha surprised him with a public celebration at his headquarters in Valley Forge, bringing some mid-winter excitement (and cake) to the general and his troops. Following in her footsteps, Valley Forge National Historical Park has planned a weekend of programs and activities to celebrate Washington's 283rd birthday this year.

Bringing Businesses Into The National Parks At Valley Forge National Historical Park And Gateway National Recreation Area

Keeping buildings in the National Park System in use is one way to maintain them. At Valley Forge National Historical Park and Gateway National Recreation Area, officials hope to do just that by advertising for businesses to operate out of some historic buildings.

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