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De Soto National Memorial

Investigation Into Sexual Harassment At De Soto National Memorial Turns Up Number Of Problems

An investigation into sexual harassment charges against a management official at De Soto National Memorial in Florida not only found credence in the allegations, but also uncovered a number of other inappropriate issues for the manager, a report released Thursday said.

Photo Collage of Florida's Coastal Seabirds Reminds Us of What's At Stake With Deepwater Horizon

Passage of time can, on occasion, be an insidious eraser of events. As we near the two-month "anniversary" of the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, are we becoming numbed to its impacts, realized and potential?

New Ranger-Guided Kayak Tours at De Soto National Memorial

When Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto arrived in Tampa Bay in 1539 he didn't probably have a kayak, but those watercraft are a great way for present-day visitors to explore the waters of De Soto National Memorial. New ranger-guided kayak tours of the Florida park are now being offered on Saturday mornings. Here's how to sign up for a tour.

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