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Photo Collage of Florida's Coastal Seabirds Reminds Us of What's At Stake With Deepwater Horizon


Passage of time can, on occasion, be an insidious eraser of events. As we near the two-month "anniversary" of the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, are we becoming numbed to its impacts, realized and potential?

Photographer Andrea Pico Estrada Webb and Producer George Link recently put together a wonderful collage of Florida's seabirds. When the project began, the disaster was still a month away.

"All of these photographs have been shot on the Gulf Coast of Florida over the past several months. The oil spill happened mid-production and we realized our show, entitled "Florida's Coastal Treasures - Our Seabirds," reflected the lives that are now at risk due to the BP disaster," says Ms. Pico Estrada Webb. "We would love to share the show with as many environmental groups as possible to highlight the various animals and habitats that are now facing lasting damage."

Lest we forget what's at stake, take five minutes to watch this engaging and beautiful video.

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Kurt - Hi. I can't get the video to come up -- just a preview of the 1st frame . Is it a problem on my end?

Seems to work fine, Scott. Silly question: Did you click on the arrow?

thanks. I don't see an arrow - it's just white space. Our office server may be blocking the video for whatever I'll check it from the house. thanks again!

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