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City of Rocks National Reserve

A Visit To City Of Rocks National Reserve

The two of us had traveled through Idaho on numerous occasions, most often during drives across the scenic northern panhandle on the way from North Cascades National Park to Glacier National Park. We had also followed the Snake River during several trips and visited Craters of the Moon National Monument on at least three occasions. Despite multiple journeys through the state whose license plates have long saluted its “famous potatoes,” we had never visited City of Rocks National Reserve.

Visually Impaired Students Retracing Oregon and California National Historic Trails.

A combination of modern technology and hands-on interpretation is helping a group of students from the Kansas State School for the Blind on an expedition of discovery this month. They're visiting several NPS sites while retracing the routes of the Oregon and California National Historic Trails

National Park Quiz 36: Management

Take this week’s quiz and see how much you know about the various managerial arrangements for our national parks. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking we’ll make you write “The National Park Service manages St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site under a cooperative agreement with the Society of the National Shrine of the Bill of Rights at Saint Paul's Church, Eastchester” 100 times on the whiteboard.

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