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And the National Park Mystery Spot Champion for 2011 Is . . .


At least once a month, always on a Wednesday, we challenge Traveler readers to figure out the identity of a Mystery Spot in a National Park System unit.  A total of 13 Mystery Spot puzzles were published this year. The master list, with hotlinks, is provided below.

Coming up with correct answers can be a tricky business. Our national parks contain many thousands of named objects, features, and places, and the Quizmeister only provides a few clues. Still, our collective readership almost always gets the thing figured out.

There are some standouts, of course.  The Mystery Spot champion for 2011 is RangerLady, who solved 8 puzzles and was one of only two readers to solve #20. The Quizmeister is very impressed, RangerLady.

Runner Up awards go to RoadRanger and ed-123, who each solved five puzzles.  Honorable Mention awards go to Eric (4),  y_p_w (3) and tomp2 (3).  A host of other readers -- 48, to put a finer point on it -- solved one or two of the puzzles. All of you deserve a round of applause. We think our readers are definitely a cut above average.

Stay tuned. Another batch of Mystery Spot puzzles is being prepared. Will 2012 be your year to shine?    


Mystery Spot  #20: The Business End of the Arrow
Mystery Spot  #20 Revealed: No Trucks in This Convoy

Mystery Spot  #21: Alas, Poor Hillside Homes
Mystery Spot  #21 Revealed: Lots of Stars Have Done Their Thing Here

Mystery Spot  #22: See the Sunrise
Mystery Spot  #22 Revealed: You Can See the Sea From This Dome

Mystery Spot  #23: Cue Ball's Habitat
Mystery Spot  #23 Revealed: Saddam Didn't Build this One

Mystery Spot  #24: A Movie Critter Provides a Clue
Mystery Spot  #24 Revealed: Not the Kind a Drunk Can Hug

Mystery Spot  #25: Not Even a Puddle to Wet a Frog
Mystery Spot  #25 Revealed: A Hexagon in a Very Dry Place

Mystery Spot  #26: An Elevation
Mystery Spot  #26 Revealed: A Hill Like No Other

Mystery Spot  #27: On a Hill It Stands
Mystery Spot  #27 Revealed: A Home for a man Who Sure Could Write

Mystery Spot  #28: A Natural Shape
Mystery Spot  #28 Revealed: A Delicate Subject

Mystery Spot  #29: You Need to Go Down to Go In
Mystery Spot  #29 Revealed: A Hole In the Ground

Mystery Spot  #30: Just Answer These Questions
Mystery Spot  #30 Revealed: The Rhyming Road Takes You There

Mystery Spot  #31: Walk This Way
Mystery Spot  #31 Revealed: Big Tree Inside, Lots More Outside

Mystery Spot  #32: At the Mouth of a Feeder
Mystery Spot  #32 Revealed: A Domed Domicile


Wow! I have never won anything before! Can my prize be no more car payments for a year?

Congratulations RangerLady!
Watch out I'm gunning for your #1 spot in 2012.

Sorry, RangerLady. Traveler's budget can't accommodate your car payments. Anyway, you'd probably just spend the extra money on frivolous stuff like food, shelter,and heated toilet seats. 

Heated toilet seats are NOT frivolous.

So very true Lee! I was on this trip for one of my college classes and we were way up in the mountains with several inches of snow on the ground and the only bathroom was an outhouse with a metal seat. Heated seats are so very important.

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