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National Park Mystery Spot 29: You Need to Go Down to Go In


Like every other Mystery Spot in our series, this one is a named place situated within a unit of the National Park System.   These clues are all you should need to identify it.  

The transparent sphere that the gypsy holds near may help you make up your mind.

A pool that nature put in this place may put Tinker Bell thoughts in your head.

You can knuckle one to shoot at a cluster, or you can polish a chunk to a very nice luster.

If I march to the sea, will they name a tree after me?

"In a hole in the ground," Tolkien wrote, "there lived a hobbit."

Bonus clue, no extra charge: You need to go down to go in.

  Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


Is it the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park?

Sorry; this mystery spot isn't the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park.

Congratulations to Eric, who has once again shown that he can solve these mystery spot puzzlers without breaking a sweat. We'll embargo the answer until tomorrow and let others take a crack at it. 

AC Phoenix has nailed this one too.

Anon 8:45 has figured it out too.

Mammoth Caves

The mystery spot is not in Mammoth Cave National Park.

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