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National Park Mystery Spot 31: Walk This Way


National Park Mystery Spot 31 is a building located in a National Park System unit.  Can you identify the building from these clues?

You can walk through this building without opening a door.

You can open a door, walk into this building, and then walk into a tree.

You can leave this building and walk into a forest.

You can walk through this forest, see trees with knees, and never touch the ground.


Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation  of the clues.


Kudos  to viewmtn, who was first to report the correct answer (8:39 a.m.). We'll embargo the answer until tomorrow and let other readers figure it out.

Congrats to Richp39, who has just honored viewmtn's point. That's two so far. A slow day.

OK, seems like Thorpe's Log, but I'm a little late reading the site today.

I think you meant to say Tharp's Log, Rangertoo.  In any event, you're on the wrong track.

... and RangerLady makes four. Looks like this one grades out a little tougher than average.

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