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Summit On Future Of National Parks Coming To Washington Later This Month


An invitation-only conference designed to explore the future of the national parks movement in the United States is coming to Washington, D.C., later this month.

Hosted by the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Park Foundation, and the National Park Hospitality Association, the  two-day America's Summit on National Parks: Taking Action for a New Century will examine such varied topics as the upcoming centennial of the National Park Service in 2016, connecting youth to the parks, and the "next generation" of national parks.

Among those expected to address the conferees are Interior Secretary Ken Salazar; U.S. Sens. Mark Udall, a Colorado Democrat, and Lamar Alexander, a Republican from Tennessee; Sally Jewell, the chief executive officer of REI, and; John Podesta, the chair and counselor of the Center for American Progress.

The foundation around which the conference is being molded is the Call to Action laid out by National Park Service Director John Jarvis this past summer. That 24-page document described a more expansive, and inclusive, National Park System, one with a stronger educational outreach, and a revised approach for managing today's natural and cultural resource challenges. The plan is built around four themes: Connecting People to Parks, Advancing the NPS Education Mission, Preserving America's Special Places, and Enhancing Professional and Organizational Excellence.

Invited to attend the sessions January 24-26 are "leaders from conservation, philanthropy, recreation, tourism, education, health and economic development."


Kurt-- I hope they invited you to the conference to represent all us "little people". If not maybe we can get you an invite??

Thanks for the thought, Dick. Traveler will be there in force;-)

Great!! Don't forget to ask about the heated toilet seats for Yellowstone!!LOL

I trust you won't be seduced by the likes of such a politico as John Podesta (not likely:).  I think it's great the Traveler will be represented and possibly representing the "little people" that do the heavy lifting.   By little people I mean America's Park's visitors and those NPS Employees, below the SES.  

Free Coke and Dasani for everyone. 

I requested an invitation on behalf of our association (United Mobile Access Preservation Association) and got no response. Does anyone know who to contact to get on the invite list?Muspro

Kind of related to Reb's comment but just thought I would add a concern for the recent decision to reduce by 75% the opportunity for the challenged, handicapped and everyone else really, to experience the Inner Grand Canyon by a Superintendent who obviously had his own agenda.  The transformational experience for those that step into the realm of maximum effort despite the challenges are the losers as does the character of the country.  I believe this could be included in the discussion for the future mission statement specifically and generally.  

Invited to attend the sessions January 24-26 are "leaders from
conservation, philanthropy, recreation, tourism, education, health and
economic development."
Who are the recreation attendees? Do they include anyone from the recreational fishing community?

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