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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Explains The Need For Reorganizing The Department


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Wednesday kicked off two days of meetings to discuss how best the Interior Department might be reorganized. Here's his explanation for the need to do so.

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This could require upwards of 500 NPS employees to relocate. Add other agencies implicated and we are talking 1500 or more?

These days the typical employee relocation costs between $20,000 to $45,000 in hard costs depending on locations, household size. Never mind the unaccounted for soft costs of uprooting and settling employees.  Do the math. Cost savings? Ha. 

It all sounds Grand and Noble, but does anyone know where these ideas actually started?  I heard a lot of great sounding fluff, but wonder how much can be hidden behind it.  I heard him tallking about using Science -- yet have seen this administration work hard to ignore and even destroy science in other places.

Whatever happens next, everyone who values our natural resources, parks, national security and virtually anything else of real value and importance will need to keep eyes open and use extreme caution.  I can't shake the feeling that there are political snakes hiding in the bushes. 

A lot of sound bites.  

Ultimately this seems to be more about direct Secretarial/DC control over the field.   Given this apparent structure  it appears the Director would have limited if any direct control over regions/parks.   

The divisom of states among different watersheds makes no sense.  

I guess the big question of today is what locations do you put the DOI offices.  Evidently the offices need to be located in areas that are mid-size cities.

This is deconstruction of the perceived "Deep State" at work.

Mr. zinke is on the take. Just ask Roxanne Quimby.

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