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Increase In Ranger III Passage To Isle Royale National Park Proposed


It could cost you a little more to reach Isle Royale National Park via the Ranger III ferry beginning next year/NPS

An increase in the fares to ride the Ranger III ferry from Houghton, Michigan, to Isle Royale National Park is being proposed for next year.

The ferry, which has been sailing under the same fare structure since 2013, would see fees go up by the following schedule:

* One-Way Low Season Adult Fare: $55 (up from $53 in 2017)

* One-Way High Season Adult Fare: $70 (up from $63 in 2017)

* One-Way All Season Child Fare: $35 (up from $23 in 2017)

* One-Way Canoe/Kayak Fare: $30 (up from $22 in 2017)

* One-Way Boat (less than 18’01”) Fare: $100 (up from $90 in 2017)

* One-Way Boat (18’01” – 20’00”) Fare: $150 (up from $140 in 2017)

* Keweenaw Waterway Cruise Adult Fare: $30 (up from $20 in 2017)

* Keweenaw Waterway Cruise Child Fare: $15 (up from $5 in 2017)

For the full Ranger III passenger and freight proposed fare structure visit this page.

Comments on the proposed increases are being taken through December 8. To comment, stop by the Houghton Visitor Center Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., or go online and leave your thoughts there.

All Ranger III fares stay within the park, help to maintain the vessel, pay staffing costs, and provide services for the public. The proposed fare change would take effect starting January 2, 2018.

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I have been to the island many times and have found the park to be very well managed but lacking money at times.  I have no problem paying more for the rides there and back.

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