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Hurricane Damage To Gulf Islands National Seashore To Limit Access Into December


Damage inflicted by Hurricane Nate at Gulf Islands National Seashore will limit access into December/NPS

Gulf Islands National Seashore, though not as heavily damaged as other parts of the National Park System in the Caribbean and Florida, will have limited access in Florida into December as crews work to repair road damage inflicted by Hurricane Nate to the Fort Pickens Road through the Fort Pickens Area and Highway 399 through the Santa Rosa Area.

Fort Pickens Campground reservations have been cancelled through Sunday, December 3, but may be extended if needed, park staff said Wednesday.

The National Park Service and the Federal Highways Administration are working closely to complete the repair work as quickly as safely possible.

“These roadways are vital links for our community,” said Superintendent Dan Brown. “We are thankful that repairs will be able to be completed sooner than initially thought so visitors can return to these wonderful areas.”

In addition to repairing road damage, the National Park Service will pursue options for improving road shoulders on the north side of both roadways. These erosion control methods may help avoid road edge damage caused by overwash during low category hurricanes and tropical events in the future.

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