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Analysis Of Comments Points To Overwhelming Support For National Monuments


A strong majority of Americans don't want national monuments such as Bears Ears in Utah to be reduced or abolished, according to a statistical analysis/BLM, Bob Wick

A statistical analysis of comments made on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's charge to review national monuments to determine if some are too big or shouldn't be monuments at all indicates that 98 percent of the comments are in support of leaving the monuments as they are, or even enlarging them.

The analysis, done by the Center for Western Priorities, found that just 1 percent of more than 650,000 comments entered on through Monday morning voiced the opinion that some monuments should be reduced in size or abolished.

“America has spoken loud and clear: Protect and enhance national monuments, don't eliminate them,” said Jennifer Rokala, executive director at the Center for Western Priorities. “It’s not too late for Interior Secretary Zinke to heed the word of an overwhelming majority of Americans by upholding Bears Ears National Monument and the dozens of other natural wonders under attack. Unfortunately, this administration, under Secretary Zinke’s leadership, has demonstrated its priority is carrying water for special interests and not working on behalf of all Americans.”

The Center said in a release that it also identified approximately 4,800 comments from self-identified Utah residents. Of those Utahns, a random sample (n=823) reveals 88 percent support for keeping monument status for Bears Ears or Grand Staircase–Escalante national monuments. These results are consistent with CWP’s previous analysis that found comments from Utah residents support national monuments by a 9‑to‑1 margin. currently shows more than 1.3 million submitted comments, of which 654,197 had been processed by Interior Department staff as of 7 a.m. MDT Monday. CWP downloaded the full text of all available comments and selected 1,000 at random, which were analyzed for support or opposition to monument designations. The analysis has a margin of error of ±3.1%.

At Defenders of Wildlife, officials said they submitted detailed comments Monday on 23 national monuments being reviewed for potential rescission or downsizing by Secretary Zinke. 

“National monuments are protected for the benefit of all Americans. Ensuring that majestic, vibrant places like these remain available to the public is vital to our national identity," said Defenders CEO and President Jamie Rappaport Clark. “The bipartisan legacy of 16 previous administrations, not just the three whose proclamations are under review, hangs in the balance as this rich part of our American heritage faces the threat of being cast aside in favor of politics and industry."

A statistical analysis of comments cast on the question of whether presidents have abused the Antiquities Act in designating national monuments has found overwhelming support for monuments/Center for Western Priorities

At Trout Unlimited, officials said the comments made it clear where the American public stands on national monuments.

“This administration wanted to know what the public thought about monuments, and I think that answer is quite clear: We as a country overwhelmingly support and treasure these public lands,” said Corey Fisher, senior policy director for Trout Unlimited’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project. “They’re some of the best places left to hunt and fish and national monument status will help keep them that way. We urge Secretary Zinke and the Department of the Interior to take this outpouring of support seriously and keep our national monuments in public hands.”

Against that support for national monuments, three congressmen from Arizona have called on Secretary Zinke to support the abolishment of four monuments in their state: the Grand Canyon-Parashant, Ironwood Forest, Sonoran Desert, and Vermilion Cliffs national monuments.

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I hope public opinion is enough to sway the Interior Department. I sort of have my doubts, though.

The public coments will not make any difference in Secretary Zinke's final report. The report with its conclusions was written before the study period even began. The comments are merely window dressing on what the Secretary intends to recommend to the Prresident. The entire process was just for public relations to cover what has already been decided. 

The GOP is constantly yapping about being Pro-life, yet the legislation they write, support & pass proves otherwise. Their greedy agenda destroys everything/anything which keeps AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

The GOP is constantly yapping about a lot of things they want gullible people to believe while they work in the shadows.

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