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Standing Rock Tribes Requested Public Safety Assistance From Interior Department


Editor's note: This updates with Mr. Crosson's clarification Friday that half of the NPS law enforcement force were from the U.S. Park Police.

A contingent of nearly two dozen National Park Service rangers and U.S. Park Police officers heading to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota are going at the request of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Tom Crosson, the Park Service's chief spokesman in Washington, D.C., said late Thursday that the tribe on January 30 "passed a resolution formally requesting support from Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement to assist with public safety and cleanup efforts on SRST land."

"In an effort to mitigate losses of critical resources on other tribal lands, Acting Secretary of the Interior Kevin Haugrud has directed the temporary deployment of personnel from across the department, including 22 National Park Service law enforcement and emergency services staff (and U.S. Park Police officers), to support the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council’s ongoing effort to maintain safety, monitor access, and support clean up and other tribal efforts on the reservation," Mr. Crosson said in a prepared statement.

The Park Service operation is pulling law enforcement rangers from throughout the agency's Midwest Region. The rangers are scheduled to arrive on Sunday and remain on site until March 6, according to a deployment document obtained by the Traveler. 

The rangers were requested to arrive in marked patrol vehicles, and to bring tactical gear ranging from gas masks and riot gear to rifles, protective vests, and night vision goggles.


So the Tribe requested this?  That changes things a bit, but I still question the whole mess.

But given what's happening in Washington, nothing much makes sense any more.


That changes things a bit,

Why is that?  Either its a misuse or not.  Once again you try to have ideology trump the law.  Wondering who is paying for them.  

It does change the complexion of things a bit, Lee, but it is still going to be a mess.

Feb 17 The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS):


* CalPERS calls on banks backing Dakota Access Pipeline to address concerns of Standing Rock Sioux tribe - statement


I think it changes things because instead of NPS LE being called up like FBI or ATF or other Federal LE, this appears to be a tribal request to BIA, and NPS as mutual aide among DOI agency LE.  I think the former (treating NPS like generic Federal LE) is very bad and dangerous.  At least mutual aide on DOI lands (technically tribal lands with DOI having "trust" responsibility for them) means this is more standard operations. 

I don't know enough about what is "standard" and what is not to agree or disagree with you tomp2.  I understand the distinction you are trying to make but not sure the "facts" fit.  If the NPS is being called to the reservation, isn't it sovereign reservation lands? If they are going to where the mess was - wasn't that on private property?   
"A coalition of over 130 investors representing over $685 Billion in assets under management called on banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to address or support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's request to reroute the pipeline and avoid their treaty territory"

So what m13?  There are 10s of thousands of "investors" with tens of trillons of assets.  One virtual bankrupt investor (Calpers) makes up half of the $685 bil identified above which is an infinitesimal percentage of all investor assets. 

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