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Young Explorer's Guide To Yellowstone National Park


Can you imagine a place where hot water flows into ice-cold rivers, where fountains of boiling water shoot hundreds of feet into the sky, and where mountains are made of glass and trees are made of stone? A place where winter snows can pile up 6 feet deep, and where bears and wolves roam the landscape as they did in the 18th century long before the West was settled?

This magical place is called Yellowstone National Park, and it’s where the world’s national park movement— a movement to protect special and beautiful landscapes and all the creatures that call them home—was launched.

The Young Explorer's Guide to Yellowstone National Park, ($2.99), can help youngsters gain insights to, and appreciation for, the world's very first national park. Written by the editors of National Parks Traveler, this full-color, 58-page eBook covers park history, geology, thermal features, wildlife, landscape, and vegetation. 

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