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Denali National Park Officials Looking To Widen Pullout At Government Hill

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Denali officials want to build a larger, and safer, pullout at Government Hill in the park/NPS 

Great photo spots in the national parks often tend to lead to wide, crowded spots in the road if there's not an overlook already established or the one that exists is too small. At Denali National Park in Alaska, officials are working to "uncrowd" one such spot and make it safer for you to pull over, enjoy the view, and snap a few photos.

Denali staff are looking at the impacts of constructing a scenic overlook pullout on Government Hill (Mile 2.5 on the Denali Park Road). The existing small pullout currently at this location can accommodate approximately two vehicles.

"This pullout is often overcrowded during the visitor season, especially when the foliage changes color in the fall. The historic train trestle over Riley Creek is also visible from this site, making it a desirable spot for taking photographs," park officials say. "When the pullout is full vehicles often stop in the road in both the downhill and uphill lanes, completely blocking traffic. Visitors also often leave their parked cars in the road while they take photographs. The purpose of a newly constructed overlook would be to improve safety for all travelers along this section of the Park Road while providing an enhanced opportunity for visitors to enjoy the scenic views."

Park staff, who are working on an environmental assessment that looks at the proposal, are taking public comments on it through Monday, August 4. You can find details of the project, and leave your comments on it, at this webpage.


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