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Hickman Bridge Trail Open Once Again At Capitol Reef National Park


The Hickman Bridge Trail at Capitol Reef National Park is open once again. NPS photo.

After more than a year of closure, the Hickman Bridge Trail at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah is open once again.

A rockfall prompted the trail's closure back on March 23, 2012. Several hundred tons of material fell, blocking the only trail access to Hickman Bridge, park officials said.

Due to the size of the rockfall, additional precautions were taken before the trailhead could be reopened. The trailhead has been delineated and the trail has been realigned around the debris pile. This work was accomplished with assistance from the Rocky Mountain National Park trail crew.

A portion of a retaining wall just beyond the rockfall was washed out during flooding this past September. You're asked to use caution when hiking through this area. Masonry work will be performed in the spring as warmer temperatures allow.

The Hickman Bridge Trail, 2 miles round-trip (3.2 km), is one of the most popular trails in Capitol Reef National Park. This trail provides great views of the reef, Capitol Dome, the spectacular Hickman Bridge, and also provides access to the Rim Overlook and Navajo Knobs Trail.

Caution is advised while hiking and visiting all locations in canyon country. Inherent dangers exist, including rockfall hazard, flash floods, loose footing, and lightning. Stay alert, be aware of hazardous conditions and check with the visitor center staff for additional updates or weather conditions.


Welcome news. Hickman Bridge is one of my favorite national park trails, one I've hiked 4 times now and looking forward to walking again.

Agree, thank you trail crews for restoring this beautiful trail. On another issue, I would like to thank "The Traveler" for the cover watercolor by Penny Otwell. Penny is a long time Yosemite Park and now Mariposa county resident who has made a difference with her art work. She is simply a very special person.

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