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Trust For The National Mall Releases Smartphone App For World War II Memorial


The next time you visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C., you can take a guide to the World War II Memorial on your smartphone, thanks to the Trust for the National Mall.

The free app, WWII Memorial, is available for iOS and Android via iTunes and Google Play.

The WWII Memorial app is a part of the Trust’s 21st Century Learning Initiative to help today’s digitally sophisticated visitors connect with and get the most educational value out of the National Mall.

“Each year the National Mall draws millions of visitors from across the country and around the world to come learn about and experience the history and values of this country,” said Caroline Cunningham, the Trust's president. “We strive to reach visitors in many ways, including digitally, as we work to preserve the living history of the National Mall.”

The WWII Memorial app features:

* The history behind the Memorial and the millions of Americans it honors. The app is designed for visitors to the Memorial as well as those researching information about the Memorial and World War II remotely.

* The app has straightforward navigation with easy-to-use features and breathtaking photography of the Memorial.

* Memorial at a Glance: Learn about the Memorial through a scrolling timeline detailing its construction while teaching users key facts about its architecture (do you know how many pounds of bronze were used to build the Memorial?).

* Operation: Collect: Engage with an interactive scavenger hunt on the Memorial. Complete “missions” in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, as well as the home front, and learn about the moments that changed the course of history.

* Operation: Explore: Explore the Memorial using an interactive map and learn the meaning and symbolism behind its design as you become immersed in World War II.

* Stories of Service: Experience the first-hand accounts from those who served. Personalize your World War II Memorial experience by selecting from a variety of stories from every state and territory, branch of service, or theater.

* Path to Victory: Follow an interactive timeline detailing the significant milestones of the war – from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the Battle of the Bulge to Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

* Honoring the Fallen: Through the American Battle Monuments Commission database, users can look up the name of service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War II.

The WWII Memorial app is the first monument-specific app developed by the Trust for the National Mall. Plans are underway to use mobile technology in other areas of the park to help tell America’s story in new and engaging ways that complements the majestic monuments that make up the National Mall.

“Initiatives like this will help to educate a whole new generation about the National Mall and what it stands for,” said Bob Vogel, superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. “We know that young people are interacting with the world in new ways and that the National Park Service needs to keep up if we are to remain relevant. This app will help us do that.”

The WWII Memorial App was made possible in partnership with The Altria Group, the Dr. Scholl Foundation, the Friends of the National WWII Memorial, and the National Park Service. As supporters of the 21st Century Learning Initiative, The Altria Group and the Dr. Scholl Foundation have contributed more than $3 million to the Trust to develop engaging and interactive education experiences both on the National Mall and online.

Download the WWII Memorial app for iTunes --

Download the WWII Memorial app for Google Play --

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