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Everglades National Park's Long Pine Key Campground Opening Delayed Until Mid-December


A paving project will delay the opening of the Long Pine Key Campground at Everglades National Park until mid-December. NPS photo.

A road paving project at Everglades National Park has prompted the delay, until mid-December, of Long Pine Key Campground's opening for the season.

It was previously announced that the campground would reopen on November 15, however that is now being delayed by about a month. In the interim, those desiring to camp will be able to utilize the Flamingo Campground instead.

“We wanted to give a heads up to the park’s visitors that paving work is to begin next week in Flamingo campground A Loop and will move to the Long Pine Key Campground on November 25. The Long Pine Key Campground will remain closed until the paving is completed, or no later than Dec 20,” said Everglades Superintendent Dan Kimball.

The bike trail in the Long Pine Key Campground area will remain open, but nearby parking may be affected. The entrance station will post daily information on any changes to access due to the paving project until it is completed.

Long Pine Key Campground is located seven miles from the main entrance, just off the main road. When it reopens, visitors will enjoy the campground’s 108 drive-up sites for tents and recreational vehicles, and one group site. A picnic area is nearby, with fire grates and rest rooms. There is also a pond for fishing, an amphitheater for winter programs, and several hiking trails in the area. The picnic area and trail access will remain open through the summer.

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