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Cumberland Island National Seashore Counted Nearly 600 Sea Turtle Nests This year


A female loggerhead sea turtle laying eggs on a Cumberland Island beach. NPS photo.

Sea turtles nesting this year at Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia added more than 43,000 hatchlings to their populations, according to seashore estimates.

Through early November, seashore officials counted 561 nests; 546 nests were deposited by loggerhead sea turtles and 15 nests were from green sea turtles. Overall hatch success for CUIS was 76 percent. While that figure is average for the seashore's beaches, according to the staff, it is "exceptionally high when compared to other beaches in Georgia and the Southeast."

The nests on Cumberland Island produced approximately 43,370 hatchlings this year,

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