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National Parks Traveler Member Giveaways-Clarification


Sometimes what seems like a great idea gets shot down before it's launched. That's the case with our members-only giveaways.

While there are plenty of companies that would love to provide items for those giveaways, there are dozens of states, and even some countries, that don't want us to give them away as part of our membership package. You no doubt have read many "Void Were Prohibited" warnings, and the more you look for them the more they pop up.

The problem with our giveaways, you see, is the possibility that some states might interpret the $9.95 annual membership dues as an entry fee for being eligible for a giveaway, which was never the intention of the fee. Rather, we saw the giveaways as a benefit to those who support the Traveler for providing national park coverage.

So, until we can figure out a way to comply with the laws in all 50 states, and any foreign countries where the Traveler is read, we're going to have to take that benefit of membership off the board at this time.

We apologize for not investigating the matter more thoroughly before announcing the giveaways as a membership benefit. And while we're sure you'll understand, if anyone who has signed up wants a refund, just let us know by emailing us.

We are continuing to round up businesses willing to offer discounts off lodging, books, trips, so check that page often, as the savings can be substantial!

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Still a great deal at $9.95!

Kurt-- I'm sure its not a problem-- most if not all signed up because we love the site --not for the free-be stuff!!

Thanks Justin and Gutz. There's another way or two to move ahead with distributing gear, books, and more, and we'll follow with details once we get things triple-checked and locked down!

I'm not at all concerned, Kurt. I just joined to support what you are doing with this wonderful publication that isn't afraid to call the NPS to task with controversial subjects in addition to highlighting successes where they exist.

I agree with Smokiesbackpacker, but just wish he wasn't perpetually voicing unhappiness about NPS.

Atwillw, when the NPS becomes responsive to the citizens they serve instead of serving themselves exclusively, I will. This magazine is a vehicle to keep them in check instead of a blank check for the agency. Which is why I am happy to support the publication with my money just like I am happy to support the NPS through my personal volunteer efforts.

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