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Pinnacles National Park Seeking To Double Entrance Fee To Support Shuttle Buses


Officials at Pinnacles National Park in California are proposing to double the cost of entering the park, to $10, to help fund their shuttle bus system.

The park is seeking public reaction to the proposal through the end of October. If approved, the new fee would take effect next year.

The shuttle bus system, which is optional for park visitors, is identified in the Pinnacles National Park General Management Plan (2013) as an important tool in providing high quality visitor experiences while protecting natural and cultural resources. The shuttles run from the visitor center on the east side of the park up to the popular Bear Gulch area, which is about four miles from the visitor center.

High numbers of visitors to the park during peak periods, such as spring and holiday weekends, create parking and road congestion problems around Bear Gulch. On holidays and weekends the parking area there can be full by 10 a.m. Shuttle bus service eases congestion in during these times.

Currently, the park's shuttles run only on weekends and holidays, from February through early July each year. The proposed fee increase would increase shuttle availability throughout the year, especially during the peak season in April and May. The proposed fee will also provide opportunities for enhancement of shuttle stops through the addition of amenities such as shade structures, visitor information kiosks, and water fountains.

Purchase prices for Golden Age and America the Beautiful passes will remain the same. The free Golden Access and America the Beautiful Annual Pass for Active Duty Military personnel will continue to be offered.

You can comment on the proposal online at this site.

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