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Heavy Rains Impacting Eastern Side Of Rocky Mountain National Park


Heavy rains that have been pounding eastern Colorado have been creating some problems at Rocky Mountain National Park, where interior park roads have been closed by the deluge.

Park officials said Thursday morning that the Old Fall River Road is closed at the US 34 junction, and that the Bear Lake Road is closed at the intersection to Moraine Park Visitor Center and the Moraine Park Campground Road.

Additionally, the Cub Lake/Fern Lake Road is closed at the Moraine Park Campground junction, the Wild Basin Road is closed at the Sandbeach Trail, and the Twin Sisters Road is closed from Highway 7.

Trail Ridge Road is open, but visitors should be mindful of wet conditions and debris on the road, park officials said.

Campgrounds were open. However, due to existing and forecasted conditions as well as flash-flood warnings on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, park managers are strongly discouraging visitors from traveling in the backcountry on that side of the park. The park’s backcountry office was cancelling overnight camping permits for Thursday night on the east side of the park.

Park officials say the weather-related problems are mainly impacting the east side of the park. To receive more information about Rocky Mountain National Park, please call the park’s Information Office at 970-586-1206.

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