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Slope Failure Closes 20-Mile Section Of Blue Ridge Parkway Indefinitely, Detours Suggested

Road cracking has forced Blue Ridge Parkway officials to shut down a 20-mile stretch of the scenic road indefinitely.

Blue Ridge Parkway officials have come up with a series of detours to help visitors get around a 20-mile stretch of the scenic parkway that will be closed indefinitely due to a slope failure that has left cracks in the roadway.

In the short-term, Parkway officials hope a temporary fix can put the section back in service in time for this fall's leaf season. Beyond that, major reconstruction in 2014 could lead to a "complete closure of this section of parkway between Asheville and Mount Mitchell State Park," according to Parkway officials.

Heavy rains earlier this month led to the cracking, which closed the Parkway between Milepost 355 to Milepost 375 due to a fill slope failure just north of the Tanbark Ridge Tunnel near Asheville, North Carolina.

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It is a sad situation.

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail winds its way across the Blue Ridge Parkway. And now this section with the slide will have to be walked in one continuous piece. For most people, it's much more than a day hike.

Good info. Let's hope they can get one lane open for the fall.

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