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Swimmers Cautioned About High River Flows At Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area


Due to heavy rainfall over the last week, the Delaware River level as measured at Montague, New Jersey, is above 9.5 feet and is predicted to rise to over 10.6 feet by 8 a.m. Friday, or about four to five vertical feet higher than normal for this time of the year.

Due to the dangers of these flows, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Superintendent John J. Donahue has ordered that all individuals are required to wear a proper fitting, U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) in good and serviceable condition while on board any vessel on the waters of the Delaware River within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This order will remain in effect until the river level recedes below 8 feet.

At higher levels, river conditions include large quantities of floating debris, very swift currents, decreased water temperature and increased hydraulic hazards in rapids and near bridge pilings, as well as increased hazards associated with downed trees and submerged obstacles near the shoreline.

It is highly recommended that only very experienced boaters using proper equipment consider a river trip during this period of high water.

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