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Historic Haynes Photo Shop Reopens At Old Faithful In Yellowstone National Park On Saturday


The fully restored Haynes Photo Shop opens this weekend at the Old Faithful complex in Yellowstone. Among the many displays is an oversized Haynes postcard that you can stand in front of for your own pictures. Photos by Justin Lubke, Yellowstone Park Foundation.

After a relocation and rigorous restoration, the historic Haynes Photo Shop reopens to the public in Yellowstone National Park this weekend, with the grand opening running through next week, too.

The Yellowstone Park Foundation, which made the work possible, has lined up a series of free events, including talks by Yellowstone memorabilia collectors Jack and Susan Davis, park Historian Lee Whittlesey, and wildlife photographer Tom Murphy. Those who attend can sign up for a mini-photo workshop with Wim Kolk, and create a Yellowstone keepsake by having author Frank H. Goodyear III sign his book, A President in Yellowstone, for you.

Over the years the photo shop has been used for a variety of purposes, including staff housing and storage. The Yellowstone Park Foundation, through a $4 million campaign, has refurbished the building to make way for exhibits celebrating both the work of Frank and Jack Haynes as well as some of the many photographs currently stored in the Heritage and Research Center.

The photo shop building received a front porch addition after being moved to its permanent location at the Old Faithful complex. In addition, part of the job required a redesign of the building’s interior, which was done with an eye toward restoring its historic character as well as making it environmentally sustainable, enough so to land a LEED certification. Such a designation would make the Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop the only LEED-certified historic building in the National Park System outside of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California.

The photo shop is just one unique aspect of the Old Faithful Area Historic District. Other remarkable buildings there include the Old Faithful Inn, of course, as well as its companion Old Faithful Lodge, the Lower Hamilton Store, the Nez Perce Creek Wayside, and the Howard Eaton Trail.


Nifty! Where at Old Faithful is it located, exactly?

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