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Annual Passport To Your National Parks® Photo Contest Announced; Bonus Contest For Facebook Fans


Collecting stamps in your Passport To Your National Parks® is a great hobby for national park travelers. Part of the collection are commemorative stamps built around photos taken by National Park Service employees and Volunteers-in-the-Parks. Eastern National photos.

It's time for National Park Service employees and Volunteers-in-the-Parks to enter their best photos for Eastern National's annual contest for pictures to grace its annual Passport To Your National Parks® annual commemorative stamp set.

Each year, Eastern National, a 501( c)(3) cooperating association, holds a photo contest for Park Service employees and VIPs to select 10 images taken at national parks—one national and nine regional, based on the geographical regions of the national park system—for the collectible Passport To Your National Parks® annual commemorative stamp set.

The photographer of each winning photo will receive a cash prize, or if the photo was taken on government time, the prize will be donated to the interpretive program of the photographer’s park. Park employees and VIPs are encouraged to submit photos taken during special events or anniversaries, and a brief description of the photo should accompany each submission. Images will be judged on quality, interpretive merit, and appropriateness of the subject matter. Complete details are attached below as 2014 Photo Contest Flyer.

In addition to the Annual Stamp Photo Contest, the Passport program is holding an ancillary contest for their Facebook fans, which will be open to anyone. To enter, ‘LIKE’ Passport To Your National Parks® on Facebook, and submit a photo taken at any national park site, using the application. The Facebook contest will open on June 25th and run through August 15th, and the winner will be selected by fellow Facebook fans. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Passport Prize Pack, which includes a Passport Explorer, a Passport Kids’ Companion, a Passport mug, a Passport Journal and Pen Set, an annual stamp set for each year of the program (27 total), and a 2014 Stamp set when it is released (a $200 value). The winning image will also appear on a banner on’s homepage. Complete rules are attached below as Passport Photo Contest.

The Passport To Your National Parks® program was launched in 1986 by Eastern National as a means to promote visitation and create interest in the national park system. Park visitors can ‘cancel’ their Passport books with a cancellation stamp, available for free at almost all 401 national parks across the United States. Proceeds from the sales of Passport products support vital interpretive and educational programs in America’s national parks.

Passport products, including the Passport To Your National Parks® book, the Passport Explorer Edition, and commemorative stamp sets from previous years (1986 through 2013), are available for purchase online at, by calling (877) NAT-PARK (877-628-7275), or by visiting a participating national park.

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