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"We Are Wildland Fire" Video Highlights Parallels Between Firefighters And Military Veterans


Teamwork and trust are important elements on a wildland fire crew. NPS photo by Kelly Martin.

Another wildland fire season is underway, and it's not unusual to hear someone draw parallels between wildland firefighting and military service. A short new video offers a vivid visual look at those Nomex-clad "warriors" of field and forest, and while it's worth a look by anyone, it's part of a fire service recruiting effort with a special focus on military veterans.

"We Are Wildland Fire" highlights veterans in wildland firefighting careers talking about the important job they have and the esprit de corps they have found in their new careers.

The interagency effort includes the work of fire personnel in the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U. S. Forest Service and other agencies, and includes scenes from both national parks and other locations around the country. The individuals and crews featured include one of the NPS "Hotshot Crews," a group among the top tier in the world of wildland fire.

A spokesperson for the project notes: "In wildland fire management, understanding leadership roles and responsibilities, principles of situational awareness, making decisions under stress, and working in non-traditional environments, are all critical skills. Military veterans possess these skills which makes them a uniquely prepared group to reach out to for recruitment purposes."

"Stewardship, duty, camaraderie, integrity and teamwork are core values and operating principles of the wildland fire agencies. These values mirror those espoused by military branches and provide a familiar bridge to a career in wildland fire."

If you'd like more information about wildland fire programs in the National Park Service, you'll find it on the Fire and Aviation Management Website.

To view the video, which runs about eight minutes, just click the "play" arrow in the snapshot below. If you'd prefer to access it directly from the web, you can do so at this link on YouTube.


That's one fine movie. Could almost smell the smoke in memories. Y'hate every minute of the work, but then can't wait to get out and do it again.

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