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Muir Beach At Golden Gate National Recreation Area To Be Closed This Summer


Golden Gate National Recreation Area officials say that sometime late in June they will have to close Muir Beach through November while the parking lot and pedestrian access are realigned.

During this closure businesses in the area, such as the Pelican Inn, will remain open, but the beach will be closed to all but people hiking through from other areas like Tennessee Valley along the Coastal Trail. With the Muir Beach parking lot closed and all services and restrooms removed from the area it is not recommended that anyone hiking through stop at the beach for any extended period.

When the area reopens in late fall, visitors will see dramatic improvements--a newly surfaced and realigned parking lot, new vault toilets, new picnic area, and an extension of the current pedestrian bridge. These features, part of the NRA's multi-phase watershed restoration project are part of an effort to connect the Redwood Creek channel to its natural floodplain.

The improvements also will help protect wetland habitat for threatened and endangered species.

For updates on detours and closures (and re-openings), visit this website.

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