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Sonar Successful In Locating Drowning Victim At Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Nine months after a swimmer disappeared in the waters of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, his body apparently has been located and recovered with the help of side-scan sonar.

NRA officials say the body of an adult male was recovered from Lake Mead on Wednesday April 17 during a permitted search and recovery operation. His identity has not yet been confirmed by the Clark County Medical Examiner.

Earth Resource Group, a Las Vegas-based search and recovery organization, obtained a permit to search for Antonio Tucker, a 28-year-old airman who presumably drowned at Lake Mead last June 23. The group's search efforts began April 15 within one square nautical mile of the point where Mr. Tucker was last seen in the Boulder Basin.

At around noon April 16, the group, using side-scan sonar, identified an object that appeared to be human. After notifying National Park Service rangers, they deployed a remote operated underwater vehicle equipped with a camera and again located the object at a depth of 280 feet.

The permitted crew and divers from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue brought the body to the surface at 10:48 a.m. Wednesday, where it was confirmed to be an adult male.

The Clark County Medical Examiner was conducting an autopsy.

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